Worried That The Weather Will Ruin Your Disney World Vacation? Try These Tips Instead

You can plan just about everything about your trip to Disney World—except for the weather. If you're worried about how you and your family can handle the Florida summer, especially if you're coming from a part of the country with milder summers, a little advance planning can make things easier.

Assume that it will be humid and wet.

Florida is hot and humid—and it isn't uncommon for there to be a short downpour every day in the summer. Assuming that rain is going to be a factor at least part of the time can help you be prepared. Make sure that you take the following items with you if you're outside:

  • rain ponchos that can be tossed on during a downpour and packed away in a plastic bag afterward
  • a clear plastic pouch or bag that you can tuck your camera, cell phone, and other personal items into to keep them from getting wet
  • dry socks for every member of your party or sandals, so nobody has to walk around with wet feet
  • cotton clothing that will dry out quickly again after getting damp
  • waterproof sunblock, so that nobody gets burnt after a brief rainfall if they forget to reapply it

Take your breaks in the hottest part of the day.

Once you get everyone ready and get to the park, it can be tempting to stay outside until everyone's ready to go home for the night. However, prolonged exposure to the hot sun and humidity can lead to heat exhaustion and dehydration. Instead, take frequent breaks to get out of the sun. Since the hottest part of the day is usually between 3PM-6PM, head to the park early in the day and head back to the hotel after lunch. Let everyone cool down and recharge a little and head back to the park for the evening after dinner. There are still plenty of things to see inside Disney World in the evening, even after dark.

Make use of the indoor attractions.

If you're really concerned about the heat, organize a trip that makes liberal use of Disney's indoor (and air-conditioned) attractions.

Disney Springs has a theater that lets you watch a movie and eat dinner at the same time, and the whole family can have fun at Splitsville, an upscale bowling alley that serves everything from pizza to sushi. There are also monorail tour packages available that will let you experience the whole park in small doses. If you have small children in your family, add a visit to the Bibbidi-Bobbidi Boutique inside the Magic Kingdom to your plans. The kids can experience the magic of being transformed into a young princess or prince while you shop, take photos, or just relax.

If the indoor attractions particularly appeal to you, consider talking to an authorized Disney vacation planner before you schedule anything. They can often help you get tickets and reservations for the experiences you want and help you organize your itinerary for the best possible experience.