3 Services That Makes Hiring Professional Movers Carefree

Moving across town can be a big headache if you have a lot of property in your home. Moving to another state can be a real challenge that takes a lot of time if you don't have help. There are many moving companies, like Smart Move Industries, that offer long distance moving services, and they can save you a lot of time and hassle. The following are three services you can buy that will make your long distance move completely hassle free:

Custom Move Planning for All of Your Property

If you want to save money on moving truck costs and packaging costs, you'll want to pay to have your move pre-planned. One of the services available with some long-distance moving companies is that they will come to your home prior to the move and analyze what property you have and help you purchase custom moving materials. By having professionals come to your home and plan exactly what boxes you'll need and how many moving vans will be necessary, they will be prepared to help you purchase the exact products you need the day you move.

Custom Packing, loading, and Unloading Are Available for Your Move

After the planning is complete, movers can help you pack all of your things. If you've had the move preplanned, they will come to your home and package all of your clothing, furniture, and valuables. They will wrap, box, and mark every box, and they will put protective blanket wraps for furniture items. With custom packing materials, your movers will be able to efficiently place all of your items into the moving vans for you, and they will place them strategically to avoid damage during the drive. You can also request that all of your things be unloaded, unpacked, and put in place at your new location.

Protection Options Are Available for All of Your Property

If you have a lot of expensive property that will be moved, you'll want to have insurance in place. Many of the companies that offer long-distance moves give customers the option to pay for protection plans. These plans allow you to list valuable items and how much they cost, and then you can make a claim against any damage that occurs during the move. Some companies also include things like identity theft protection, which gives added peace-of-mind when people are handling your private things.

Moving long distance can be disruptive to your work and other activities, but it doesn't have to be. With completely planning before your move, help packaging and packing all of your things, and insurance options, you will not have to do much more than show up at your new home.